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Learn about our work in 2019 and vision for the year ahead in 2020


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What we can do in 2020 with your support

We need your support to accomplish the following important endeavors in 2020:

  • Publish six new books of the New Message (in print, ebook, free online and audio):
    • The Pure Religion
    • The New Way Forward for Humanity
    • Preparing for the Greater Community
    • The Alien Intervention
    • The Time of Revelation
    • The Worldwide Community of God’s New Message
  • Prepare for publication of The Arannon Epic: Book 1
  • Expand our worldwide outreach on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to reach thousands of people all over the world that are waiting to find and receive the gift of the New Message.
  • Build our international websites in 30+ languages.
  • Film and release new teachings and interviews with Marshall, Patricia and Reed Summers.
  • Further build the online platform for the Free School and the World Wide Community Site with new video, interaction and learning opportunities.
  • Host three major events
      • The Messenger’s Vigil – January 24 – 28, 2020
      • The Steps Vigil – May 26 to June 14, 2010
      • The Encampment – October 18- 23, 2020

Thank you for giving to make this a reality in 2020.

Join the
of givers

Join a worldwide community of people who are financially supporting The Society in its mission to bring the New Message from God to humanity. Your gift will forge the foundation for all that we are doing currently and beyond.

Ways to support the New Message

Become a Pillar or Friend

Pillars of the New Message are an integral part of the foundation for the education and outreach mission of The Society. A Pillar of the New Message commits to giving $100 or more every month. 300 Pillars are needed to meet annual costs.

Being a Pillar is an expression of your relationship with the New Message, its Messenger and its urgent gift for the world. Become a forerunner in the world and a way shower for others who are seeking to live an inspired life and carry out their purpose in an emerging world.

Friends of the New Message contribute on a monthly basis to the core work of The Society. For years, the Friends have provided a solid foundation for The Society’s growing endeavors. Friends of the New Message are individuals who commit to giving at what ever level is possible for them.

Legacy Giving

If life has given you the financial means to become a Benefactor, you may have a historic role in assuring the success and preservation of the New Message from God into the deep future. Legacy Giving can be done progressively in single donations, or through these mediums of giving:

  • Establishment of an Endowment
  • Gift of stock or real estate
  • Charitable Bequests in your will
  • Designating The Society as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or a retirement plan

To discuss these and other options for benefactor giving, please contact Will Burrows at (800) 938-3891.

The Society for The New Message from God is a religious non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the United States, dedicated to presenting and preserving the sacred texts and recordings of The New Message from God.

Crypto Currency & Checks

To contribute with a credit card by telephone, please Call: 1-800-938-3891

To donate by check, please send your check in a sealed envelope to:

P.O. Box 1724
Boulder, CO 80306-1724

Checks may also be written to “Society for the GCWK.”

Donations can also be faxed to us at (303) 938-1214. Please include your name, address and phone number, as well as the amount you would like to give, your card number and its expiration date.

For information on other methods of donating, please contact The Society at Tel. (303) 938-8401.

Send bitcoin donations to The Society for the New Message here:

Copy Address below:

For a receipt and to confirm that your donation was received, please contact The Society after sending bitcoins.
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Send ethereum donations to The Society for the New Message here:

Copy Address below:

For a receipt and to confirm that your donation was received, please contact The Society after sending ethereum.
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All contributions are tax-deductible where applicable under law.

Shop Online

Do you shop online and are you interested in raising funds for The Society for the New Message? Click on the webpage below for the links and The Society will receive between 2%-12% of the value of your purchase at the following stores and retailers. In this way students of the New Message can benefit The Society through their normal shopping choices.

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