The Pure Religion Podcast

The Miracle Podcast

THE MIRACLE – Chapter 11 | The Pure Religion: Today We shall speak of the Miracle.

People have a very strange notion about miracles. They want to see fantastic demonstrations of supernatural powers. They hear stories of great teachers producing such events, and they are presented to them to induce or to strengthen belief—fantastic stories of producing miracles for people, as if that is what sets the true teacher apart from the ordinary person. This is the stuff of lore and fantasy certainly.

The Spiritual Families and the Plan of God Podcast

THE SPIRITUAL FAMILIES AND THE PLAN OF GOD – Chapter 12 | The Pure Religion: Your presence in the world here is not an accident. You were sent here for a purpose. This purpose remains hidden within you, kept safe by the deeper Knowledge, the deeper Mind that God has placed within you.

This purpose is very specific. It is here to accomplish certain tasks with certain people, to serve the world both in your time and for the times to come. Its reality exists beyond your intellect and beyond intellectual speculation. It is a mystery for you to discover and to express.

The Redeemer Podcast

THE REDEEMER – Chapter 13 | The Pure Religion: When you begin to look at your life honestly and to consider the wisdom of your past decisions and the quality of your current circumstances—in light of who you really are, in light of the fact that you have come here for a greater purpose—you will see that your life needs to be redeemed. It needs to be renewed and refreshed, given a greater purpose, a greater dimension, a greater strength and a greater integrity.